Elysian Exchange: Satsuki Shibuya

Written by Jessica Comingore Video by Justin Donais

We’re so excited to share the third installment of our video portraits today, featuring someone who is no stranger to The Elysian Edit, Satsuki Shibuya. Satsuki is a painter, artist, and spiritual thinker, who brings to life an array of subtle (and stunning) works of abstract art from her light-filled studio in Los Angeles. With an approach rooted deep in intuition, energy, and spirit, her paintings transcend any category or style, and speak to a deeper exploration of our everyday; both the tangible and the unseen.

Satsuki manages to blend her work and purpose in a way that feels incredibly unique and wholeheartedly authentic, a balance that can be difficult to strike in today’s saturated creative landscape. Perhaps it’s for this reason that her work — whether it be painted or written — continues to resonate with a diverse audience across the globe. No matter the day, Satsuki is there to provide a moment of peace in what can otherwise feel like a whirlwind world.

Aside from her paintings, Satsuki is set to release her first book, Moment, in a few short weeks, which aims to be a resource for anyone seeking a moment of clarity in the everyday. In it you’ll find a collection of poems paired with her paintings, creating an experience that is both pleasing to the eye and the spirit. While there are many things to be gleaned from Satsuki’s story, it continues to be a reminder that there is no truer guide in life than our own intuition.

You can find more of Satsuki by visiting her website, or over on Instagram.

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  • vv

    You’ve captured Satsuki’s spirit and process so beautifully. xo

    • jessica

      Thank you, VV. Justin did a beautiful job! 🙂

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