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Written by Jessica Comingore Photography by Justin Donais

Despite the sheer number of photos I seem to capture on a daily basis (whether on my phone or behind the lens), I would have to think long and hard to recall the last time I’ve seen one off my screen and in print. Like many things in our day and age, what was once a treasured medium now feels incredibly fleeting. We can walk around with upwards of 5,000 images in our pocket on any given day, but being intentional about what we capture and deciding on what’s important enough to print often seems like too daunting of a task to tackle.

It’s this recent sentiment that got me thinking it would be nice to a. slow down on the photo-taking a bit, and b. look back on some wonderful memories from the past year and give them a proper home beyond a folder on my cluttered server. So when Blurb reached out and presented me with the task of turning a few of my photos into something tangible, it seemed like the perfect fit. This venture was my first foray into book-making, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy (and fun) it was to bring to life.



For those unfamiliar, Blurb is an independent, creative book-making platform that makes it incredibly simple to create photo books and magazines in both print and digital formats. For this venture, I chose the former, and culled my favorite photos from the last twelve months of various road trips around the Western United States, and aptly titled it On The Road. Though you can choose from a variety of free downloadable templates, I opted to create my own layout using Blurb’s Adobe® InDesign® plug-in (perfect for any designers out there), and kept the design simple to really let the images shine.

As for materials, I went with a beautiful uncoated photo paper that captures the color of the landscapes particularly well, and wrapped the cover in my favorite image of the bunch: a herd of buffalo grazing in a field outside of Yellowstone National Park. Start to finish, the entire process took no more than a few hours, and the end result now sits happily on my bookshelf, ready for reminiscing (the old-fashioned way) whenever the desire strikes.



Try your hand at your own photo book here, or better yet, cross a few loved ones off your holiday shopping list early. Having been the recipient of a beautiful photo book in years past, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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  • James comingore

    What a great idea. Best of luck!

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